Over many years as a fly fisher Chris has collaborated with industry professionals and has featured in a number of projects. Below is a list of some of his achievements -

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Chris is proud to have worked closely over many years with his brother Nick Reygaert curator @Gin-Clear Media. Purefly NZ is Gin-Clear Medias latest project. Chris features in the Winter fly fishing episode Season 3 which also aired at the 2018 Rise Fly Fishing film festival. Chris and Nick make the most of the local winter fishing possibilities in the Fiordland Region. This is the time of year where fish stack up ready to spawn, the brothers focus on the river mouths to see if they can intercept trout as they move into the feeder streams.

Series 1 and 2 have been so successful on Skysports that NZ TV channel Duke has picked up the series and has committed to broadcasting series 3. The first dedicated Free to Air fly fishing NZ TV show.

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Chris was also involved in the first series of The Source. The Source Series exposes the best fly fishing destinations from around the world. Chris joins fellow anglers on the search for giant sea trout in the wild rivers of Tasmania's West Coast, stalking massive tailing trout in crystal clear highland lakes and marvel at the hidden beauty of the rainforest creeks. Filmed by Nick Reygaert in stunning widescreen format, this is a captivating portrayal of what it means to fly fish in Tasmania.

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It wasn’t long after filming The Source Tasmania that Chris decided to pack his bags and move closer to this new found fly fishing playground. Considered as Australia’s best trout fishery and renowned globally as a must fly fish destination Chris used every opportunity he had to tap into this amazing fishery. Along the way Chris made lifelong fishing friends. Chris made the cover shot of the local magazine Tasmanian Fishing News courtesy of his good mate Gavin Hicks. Gavin wrote the article and you can read it here. A trip that is etched in my memory and will not be forgotten.

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Cherry Popping Mega Fontinalis.

The attraction of Wild Brook Trout is always high on the list of any fly fisher. It didn’t take much to convince my one of my great mates - Tim Birch from WA (Fly Fishing Addict) to pack his bags and join me on a tour deep in the wilds of Tasmania to try and find that elusive “Pot Of Gold”. We had success and I couldn’t resist the temptation to write about it you can read it here -

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Back in his early years Chris was a proud member of the Western Australian Trout & Freshwater Angling Association and after many years attending events and club meetings Chris was elected to sit as Councillor for the board. Chris gained a huge amount of knowledge from this club and made many a valuable friendship which still flourish to the present day.