Opening Day New Zealand - Fiordland Fishing Guide - Review

As a fishing guide and fly fishing addict the opening of the fishing season here in New Zealand doesn’t seem to come quick enough. As photos filter in thru facebook and instagram from our friends ‘Across the Ditch’ in Ozzie land the anticipation is palpable.. There season opens earlier than ours by a month. You can only watch and pound the like button in support of your fellow minded foe knowing it’s not long till your time comes.

Spring Winners

The Manic Tackle crew recently featured my thoughts on the up and coming season 2019 -2020 as a Friday Fly Day post. Check out my recommendations as per below.

Chris Reygaert AKA Fiordland Fishing Guide is chomping at the bit for the new season and has been kind enough to gives us a bit of insight into which flies from the Manic Fly Collection he'll be throwing at fish come October 1st..

'The Unofficial Start to the season for some' Whitebait Feeding Trout Southland New Zealand

It’s the start of the whitebait season here in Southland New Zealand. Almost as religious as the opening of the Game Bird Season the Whitebaiting community will be geared up and ready to intercept their chosen quarry as they move into the river systems to spawn. As the small fish move into the estuary systems it’s not only the Whitebaiters that these tiny creatures have to be aware of…….

2019-2020 Licence Information Non-Resident Anglers

If you’re a visitor from overseas, you must buy a Non-Resident Licence (NRL).

"Non-resident" means a person who, on October 1, is NOT ordinarily a resident in New Zealand.  A Resident is someone who is a New Zealand citizen, or :

  • holds a residence class, student, or work visa, and

  • has lived in New Zealand for at least six of the 12 months immediately prior to their licence purchase, and

  • has New Zealand as their primary place of established residence.

A Non-Resident Licence (NRL) entitles the holder to fish for sports fish in all Fish & Game regions, excluding the Taupo Fishing District managed by the …………………………

Riley's Adventure

Then we went to a different river were I landed my first fish! A 4 pound rainbow! It was very exciting and the fish tried to bury us under a fallen tree but we were able to stop him and eventually the fish gave up and Chris scooped up the fish with his net we took some photos and ………………………………………..