October Report 2018-2019

The start of the season is well under way here in New Zealand. The 1st of October sets the scene for the season ahead. If you weren’t out fly fishing the Winter season you’ll most likely be gathering your gear and making sure your licensed for the 2018-19 season.

Talking about gear for the new season - Here’s a link to my thoughts @ManicTackleProject //www.manictackleproject.com/techy-thursday-top-five-opening-tips-from-five-top-guys/

The start of the season is always depicted by weather and this seasons start was no exception, dominated by sub polar cold fronts. We experienced snow to ground level across the lower South Island of New Zealand early October. This has added to a consistent snowfall through out winter.

This is good news as fish looking to spawn have been provided with consistent water levels. Excessive rainfalls or floods during winter can make a huge difference so it’s good to see consistent levels.
Things have started to settle. High pressure periods have started to show with the usual NW winds showing face. Sunny days have warmed the water and fish are back on the feed.

Working in the local Fishing Outfitting Store @fiordlandfrontiersupplies I picked out the best weather to get out and experience early season at it’s best with my mates…..